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problem with article count

From: Rodrigo Lazo
Subject: problem with article count
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 10:49:41 -0500
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hi everybody,

I'm using gnus for about a month and I have a problem while reading my
mail. I use the nnmaildir backend and I get my mail through

I had too many old mails on my inbox so I decided to clen it so now I
only have 30 stored on my inbox, I deleted the old ones using the
gnus-summary-delete-article function. Then from the group buffer I
used gnus-group-clear-data and gnus showed 30 unreaded messages. So
far so good. Then, I marked all as readed.  But when I try to enter
I'm getting the old message:

How manu articles from nnmaildir+rodrigo:inbox (default 325):

When I started using gnus I could enter my inbox and this message
didn't appear and I had the same amount of emails. I want to do this

Best regards


Rodrigo Lazo (rlazo)

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