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From: Arun K. Varghese
Subject: cvs_keyword_set_to_initial_version
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2014 14:47:38 +0000

Hi All,

I am facing an issue with keywords in CVS.

The issue is

we checked out one file a.c , from linux 2.6.28 ( Then checked in 
the file to our CVS server. Multiple people have have checked in the file a.c

Now when I am checking out , I can see that the keywords are changed & it shows 
the name of the last person who have checked in that file. I have tried with 
CVS -ko flag, which will only able to go back to just previous check in detail.

So is there any way to replace the current CVS keyword information with the 
original one, that is the first checked in file's cvs keyword information.

[ by cvs -kk, we can disable the keyword expansion, but it will remove the 
original authors information also. ]

Thanks & Regards,
Arun K Varghese

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