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RE: Identifying base version-no of all files in a branch

From: Bulgrien, Kevin
Subject: RE: Identifying base version-no of all files in a branch
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 08:25:46 -0500

>    Is there a CVS command that will provide me with version
> no(base version) of all the files in a branch.
>    What I mean by 'base version' here is...the version no of
> all the files in a branch..when the branch was first created.
>    I want to create a plugin in Eclipse...through which I can
> retrieved the base version no of all the files in a branch.
>    Thanks every one in advance

The only simple way of doing this that I know about is to lay a
non-branch tag down at the time the branch is created as a
consistently applied best practice.

The list archives contain threads that discuss a number of ideas
about how one might to analytically determine this information.
Some of these threads deal with trying to find the time/date
that a branch was created, but that is very much the same kind
of issue.

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