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RE: add/copy remaining directories/files to the current branch

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: add/copy remaining directories/files to the current branch
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 00:19:15 +1100


> Do  I use rtag again - only specifying "-r HEAD -b <branch> 
> <explicit directories>"  or something.  

That'll work.

If your developers are using directories/sandboxes they shouldn't - then you 
need to control your process a bit more.  And I'd personally make this the 
developers problem - they put the code in the wrong spot, get them to fix it.

If work has been committed regularly to the wrong spot (HEAD not BRANCH, or 
BRANCH not HEAD) for months, then your project manager is doing a poor job of 
watching the commits - make sure you are getting automatic checkin e-mails at 

Finally - there is no such thing as a stupid or dumb question - but you can be 
better informed by spending a few dollars on one of the many many many good CVS 
books ('Essential CVS' is good, or 'All About CVS' which I had a hand in 
writing).  Then you'll be able to answer questions as well as ask them.


Arthur Barrett

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