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Re: Branching From Old Revision

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Branching From Old Revision
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 16:30:58 -0400
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kmanm wrote:
> I am a bit confused about creating a branch off old revision.
> Basically I checked out a previous revision via "-D" option. Now  I want to
> create a branch and commit the change. I don't want it to merge with the
> latest revision nor want to make change to the main trunc.
> Unfortunately I kept getting sticky dates issue and I need help with correct
> command to create a branch and commit the change in the repository for later
> use.

First thing you want to do is create a non-branch tag based on the -D
tag. That tag will indicate the base, or branch point, of the branch.
You can use the same tag as the branch, with a suffix such as "_bp". For
example, if the branch is "bug_fix_rev1" then the branch point tag would
be "bug_fix_rev1_bp". The exact naming convention isn't important -
what's important is that you devise a system that is meaningful to you,
is easy to remember, and that you will actually use.

Creating the branch should not generate "sticky" issues - I'm guessing
that you get the "sticky" error messages when trying to commit. If
that's the case, then you need to update to the branch tag:

cvs update -r branch_tag

If that's not the problem, please provide more details as to exactly
what you mean by "sticky dates issue" - actual error messages will be
very useful.

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