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How to restore Attic files in CVS

From: Trinh, An
Subject: How to restore Attic files in CVS
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 23:34:32 -0400


I have files that went into the Attic.  How do I restore them back?
I've moved the files out of the Attic folder but when I checkout the
folder, the cvs GUI doesn't show any files under the folder.  Viewing
the files revealed that they're in DEAD State.  Please advise.  Thank

drwxrws---+  3 11906    cvs_eai      512 Apr  3 09:41 .
drwxrws---+146 root     cvs_eai     4608 Apr  2 14:25 ..
drwxrws---+  2 c62ip74  cvs_eai      512 Apr  3 09:41 Attic
-rwxrwx---+  1 c62ip74  cvs_eai     3136 Apr  3 13:08
-rwxrwx---+  1 c62ip74  cvs_eai     4153 Mar 18 08:11
-rwxrwx---+  1 c62ip74  cvs_eai      794 Mar 18 08:11 .project,v


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