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RE: Linking files in CVS

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Linking files in CVS
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 14:20:53 +1000

> Is it possible to link files in the CVS as it can be done in VSS.

The short answer is no.

CVS is not a replacement for VSS - each version control tool has it's
own strengths and weaknesses and features, when moving from one tool to
another an organisation really needs to look at their SCM process and
what features in one tool were producing business deliverables and how
to deliver the same business benefits under the new system.

CVS of course doesn't support many other features of VSS - like
"reserved edits" (err, like locking) and CVS has features that VSS
doesn't (like branches).  

In CVS it is common to put shared files in a module/directory of their
own - and that module/directory can be shared amoung several projects
with the modules or modules2 configuration file.  There are many ways of
handling "shared files" amongst projects depending on if you are using
CVS or CVSNT (see notes below).

The CVSNT project (free/GPL just like CVS, runs on
linux/unix/mac/windows etc) is often used by ex-VSS users since it
supports "reserved edits" as well as "unreserved edits" and also has
failsafe auditing and authentication integrated with Windows Active
Directory and many other features.  If you are using CVSNT - then please
join the CVSNT mailing list - the CVS mailing list is not the correct
place to ask about CVSNT.



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