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Re: Urgent: cvs 1.11.6 vs 1.11.23

From: Jake Colman
Subject: Re: Urgent: cvs 1.11.6 vs 1.11.23
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 21:32:39 -0400
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>>>>> "LJ" == Larry Jones <address@hidden> writes:

   LJ> Jake Colman writes:
   >> We are currently on 1.11.6.  We've stumbled across a bug with 'cvs
   >> rdiff' and the '-s' option which is fixed in 1.11.23.  Before I can do
   >> an upgrade I need to have some idea as to what has changed and whether
   >> there is any risk?  Can anyone advise or guide me?

   LJ> The 1.11 branch is the designated "stable" branch, so the only changes
   LJ> should be bug fixes (although there are also a very few new features
   LJ> that were highly desirable and judged exceedingly unlikely to break
   LJ> anything).  See the NEWS file for the list of changes:


   LJ> Upgrading on the 1.11 branch is exceeding low risk and is highly
   LJ> recommended.

Thank you, Larry.  This is exactly what I needed.

Jake Colman
Director of Software Development
Principia Partners LLC
101 West Elm Street
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Conshohocken, PA  19428
+1 (610) 755-9786

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