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Issue with directory name that includes dash like " - " ...

From: pranayvora
Subject: Issue with directory name that includes dash like " - " ...
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2008 07:55:01 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi ...

We have CVS server installed on RH linux OS. The clients are all users
using Windows systems with popular CVS clients like WinCVS and
Tortoise CVS.

Recently for one of our automation projects, we had a task of checking
out modules/project on a linux box and compiling the documentation to
organize and display in MAven.

During this operation, we noticed that whenever we had a directory
name that had a space-dash-space (" - ") in it, the checkout operation
used to modify it to space-question-space (" ? ")

For example :
Directory name in CVS : projectname/docs/2008-07-04 - ClientName -
On checkout gets modified to : projectname/docs/2008-07-04 ?
ClientName ? RequirementDocs

This eventually posed problems for the automation tasks to parse such
directory names.

We have a lot of such directories, and the last resort is to rename
this directly on the server.

Appreciate any help/guidance on how to fix this error in CVS checkout.
Is this a known bug in CVS, and if so, is there a fix available that
we can put on our servers?

Thanks in advance.

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