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Re: Setting server and client for the same source code on same machine

From: Denniston, Todd A CIV NAVSURFWARCENDIV Crane, Code JSXN
Subject: Re: Setting server and client for the same source code on same machine
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 11:44:07 -0400
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Kiran Kamble wrote, On 06/17/2008 06:11 AM:
Hi All,

Currently we are accessing our CVS server at our customer end. Since we have
only one port open for committing to the customer server, multiple users
cannot access thus one person has to manually take all the files from entire
team and put them onto the client machine and then commit.

I assume when you say "we have only one port open", you mean 'they have opened their firewall up so that only one of our IP addresses (i.e., one computer) can connect to their server'.

In that case the appropriate strategy would include one of the following:
Strategy A
A1) make the machine with that IP address a Kiosk machine at your company, i.e., all your developers can set down at it and log in.
A2 a) have all the sandboxes on a network drive that the Kiosk machine mounts.
A2 b) have all the sandboxes on removable drives that can be mounted on the Kiosk by the developers. A3) have the developers each go to the Kiosk as needed to do checkouts, commits and updates.

Strategy B
B1) modify your firewall/Router to be state full & NATing and when ever one of your internal computers attempts to connect to the CVS server, the firewall/Router NATs the connecting machine to the IP address allowed to connect.

Drawbacks to A: developers have to make periodic trips to the Kiosk to get in sync with everyone else. Drawbacks to B: figuring out if the firewall has timed out the last NAT so you can use it could be very confusing, if done automatically. it might be more sane if you had a web page for users to go to and request a 2-5 minute window of having their computer NATed.

Proposed Strategy:

To overcome the issue we were thinking of making the client machine of
customer CVS as the server for the local area network. This way all the team
would commit to the "local server" from where it will be then committed to
the customer server. This will make the process simple and automated
reducing the manual errors in the process.

CVSUP or something like it would do this better and be less error prone.

In short can we use the same machine which will act as a client to the
customer CVS server and a local server for the local area network for the
same source code? Could there be any issues in this kind of a model? It is
important from our perspective and we are keen on getting this implemented.

issues with your strategy: 1) you have to treat your customer's CVS as a third party source and 2) you still have to have a human pick out the changes and send them to the customer's CVS.


Kiran Kamble

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