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Re: Branching suggestions needed...

From: James Depaul
Subject: Re: Branching suggestions needed...
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 14:50:05 -0400

>> My initial impression of your system was Branch Aholic[2], but it looks like you
are planning to branch at "release" points, which is normally a good place to
put a branch. <<

I see now that we'll end up with LOTS of branches that may or may NOT be used at all - depending on wheather or not they will require fixes. Questions:

1) Is there a way to CLOSE a branch so as to prevent someone from mistakenly posting changes to the wrong /Branch?!

2) What happens to those branches that are NEVER used for bug fixes - can they be purged somehow (or hidden) to avoid confusion?!

3) Would it make more sense to wait with Branching UNTIL there is something to fix, and only do TAGGING as means of marking specific mile-stones?! What would work better here?


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