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How do I know pserver is running?!

From: James Depaul
Subject: How do I know pserver is running?!
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 10:51:31 -0400

I'm obiously a novice, so please pardon the rookie questions.

We are migrating CvS repository from one server onto another, but are having some issues logging into the pserver on the new target machine (though no problems remotely logging into the original box). As I was walking through the CvS repository management section of the documentation I couldn't find a section that would allow me to confirm that the pserver is running successfully on the new box...

It's puzzling that when I log into the current machine (that allows pserver connnections just fine) and I grep for cvspserver or pserver process on that box - I see nothing to that affect... soooo: how can you tell that the pserver is running on a particular machine?! Any other things to check?!

Thanks in advance -

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