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sharing single files within project

From: Carsten Schaudel
Subject: sharing single files within project
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 02:23:10 -0400

Hello together !

We as a company are currently in the decision-phase to go away from VSS 
(well - one apsect is that ours size meanwhile has grown so big that even 
the VSS documentation says this is too big - the other is that it is not 
possible to use VSS inter-companyvia VPN ore PIP -lines without additional 
On the list are now mainly two systems: SVN and CVS.
SVN was evaluatet pretty intensive.
One lack found there was that it seems that it is only possible to share 
whole folders among multiple projects, but not single files. Does CVS 
support this ? (It is hard to believe that VSS supports something which CVS 
and SVN don't).


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