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Confusion regarding a new repository

From: Simon Renshaw
Subject: Confusion regarding a new repository
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 16:58:01 -0400


I'm having some problems setting up a new repository. First try ended up
as a failure.

First, I created the directory simon under /usr/local. Then I ran cvs -d
/usr/local/simon init. 

I assume that the next part is where I screwed up. I copied a few
directories (each containing a bunch of files) under simon. Then I made
sure the permissions were OK. I could only checkout the directories
themselves, not the files under them in Eclipse.

So I deleted everything and recreated and inited simon.

I've been looking at the doc (section 3.1.3) and I'm not sure what to do
next. The files I want to put in CVS are plain, regular files, not
previous CVS projects. The files I want to put in are in /uni/<folder>.

Does that mean that if I want to create a project called sources under
simon, I will need to run cvs import -m /usr/local/simon sources stuff
start? The doc says yoyo but not sure exactly what it does.

And then I checkout that project and I add the files to it?

Thanks for the help,

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