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Module sharing and Tag usage

From: Tietronix Optics
Subject: Module sharing and Tag usage
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 11:05:20 -0700
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I've been using WinCVS for quite a long time now, and it works very
well to track SW activity.
Having developped several modules ( composed each one with
submodules) , I need now to export some submodules into others
projects in ordrer to use them
Up to now, I use the following procedure, but without being
satisfied :

Module A :
Use of submodules A1,A3,A5.

Module B :
Use of submodules B4

At the end of the development, I Tag submodules A1,A3,A5,B4 with the
tag "project1"

Some months later, I want to rebuild the project.

1st : Solution :
- Do a chekcout of module A with the tag project1
- Do a chekcout of module B with the tag project1
- remember how the submodules are sorted one against the other

2nd Solution :
- do a checkout of ??? with the tag project1.

How to proceed?

Thank a lot for your Help,

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