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undoing a commit after other changes have been made

From: Peter Kahn
Subject: undoing a commit after other changes have been made
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 17:15:34 -0400

How do I undo a commit weeks after it has been made without disrupting all the other changes made after it?

 there was a good code of base tagged as R_GOOD. 
 a fix pack of 1000s of files was applied to it and committed
 many changes were made to the code base afterwards
 the fix-pack was determined to be bad

 now we want to remove the fix pack without removing the changes afterwards

 How do we do this?  I'm sure this one has been asked before, but I didn't find this case
     General Undo:

I think my process would be as follows:
1. using rlog and commit emails determine the start and end point at which the fix-pack was committed
2. checkout the module at the HEAD
3. merge from end to start of the fix-pack commit
4. resolve any problems

Is this right?

For example: if I found that this fix-pack was the only change made on the 20th, then I'd do something
  cvs co mymodule  ;  cd mymodule
  cvs merge -j 20070120 -j 20070119

Peter Kahn
address@hidden, address@hidden
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