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Add module problem on SLES 9

From: Paul W
Subject: Add module problem on SLES 9
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 14:16:32 -0700
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I'm not new to using cvs from Windoze using tortoise cvs, but I am new to administering it. I'm having a terrible time adding a new module to a new cvs. I've been following (faithfully, I think) the book "Essential CVS" and have created a CVSROOT. As far as I can tell all permissions, users and group settings are correct.


OS: SLES 9.0


environment variable has been successfully exported (AFAIK)

If I use this command from the home directory of the project I want in the cvs:

"cvs -d /home/cvs import MyProject MyProject_project ver-1"

I do get the dialog in vi for the message. It then copies lots of files. However, it creates one directory under the /home/cvs directory with lots of sub directories (as per what I want to import) and there are no changes to the files in CVSROOT. After that I seem to have no access to that project through cvs - no checkout.

If I try "cvs -d /home/cvs/CVSROOT import MyProject MyProject_project ver-1" I get "cvs [import aborted]: /home/cvs/CVSROOT/CVSROOT: No such file or directory"

Also, the tortoise cvs appears to have no access to the repository for checking out the project module. But then, that might be because the import is not working correctly.

Suggestions? Pointers?

Paul W

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