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Re: controlling/checking comments in commits

From: Sinan Kalkan
Subject: Re: controlling/checking comments in commits
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 09:31:28 +0100
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Jim Hyslop wrote:
Or typing 'asdfasdf' or 'qwertyiop' or '123' or 'blah' or 'changes' or
'latest' or...

IOW, it's not worth it.

2- to force getting separate comments for each file that become

Yikes!! Don't do it. Comments should reflect the high-level overview of
what was done, not nitty-gritty details of what precise changes were
made to each file (use `cvs diff` for that!). I can't count the number
of times I have committed dozens of files at once, all because of one
conceptual change to the source.

I agree that things will become more difficult with individual comments;
however, if the changes made to the files are independent of each other,
comments will not make sense. In any way, the committer can specify the
changes per file in a single comment file but I was interested in forcing

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