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Re: From which file's revision the string dissapeared?

From: Garyl Erickson
Subject: Re: From which file's revision the string dissapeared?
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 10:22:22 -0800
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cvs annotate will show you the last version in which a line currently in the file was changed, but if the line you're interested in is gone, that probably won't help, unless there were other nearby changes you could recognize as having happened at the same time.

You can compare any revision to a previous one using cvs diff -r<rev1> -r<rev2> <filename>.

If you have no idea which version the change took place in, you could narrow it down by checking out or diffing revisions using a binary tree search. For example, if you've got 100 revs, check out the midpoint -- rev 50 (or diff rev 1 to rev 50). If it's not there, you know it happened between rev 1 and 49, so check out the midpoint again -- rev 25. If it's there, check out rev 37 or 38, etc. You'll find it in 6 or 7 checkouts.


Vladykin Alexandr wrote:


Can I find with help of the CVS from which file's revision the string was dissapeared?
For example:

test.php -r 1.20
20: function myFunc()

but for example in revision 1.21 I've deleted this string. Now I have 100 revisions of this file. Can I find any way that the string "function myFunc()" was deleted from the version 1.21?

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