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Can't Allocate Region

From: Fisher, Allen
Subject: Can't Allocate Region
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 10:08:18 -0500

Hi All--

Using Mac CVSX and I'm checking in our installer source files. One of
the files is a Mindvision Vise VCT file. It's size is quite large,
around 195 MB. It's been checking in for a few weeks now, but now I get
the following errors from CVS:

cvs(1558) malloc: ***vm_allocate(size=277180416) failed (error code=3)
cvs(1558) malloc: ***error: can't allocate region
cvs [commit aborted]: out of memory; can not allocate 277176512 bytes

Is there a setting somewhere that I can tweak to bump up the memory


Allen J. Fisher
QA Engineer

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