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cvs history -r TAG fails finding committs since TAG

From: daniel . kabs
Subject: cvs history -r TAG fails finding committs since TAG
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 10:58:24 +0200
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Hi there,

I want to get a report which lists all changes I made after a certain tag has been applied. The cvs subcommand "history" seems appropriate:

  cvs history -c -t RELEASE_2006-01-01

Pity, this only works if the tag has been applied through "rtag", see Cederqvist:
  CVS can keep a history file that tracks each use of the checkout,
  commit, rtag, update, and release commands. You can use history to
  display this information in various formats.

So I resorted to option "-r". According to Cederqvist:
   -r rev
   Show records referring to revisions since the revision or tag named
   rev appears in individual RCS files. Each RCS file is searched for
   the revision or tag.
it should do exactly what I want:

  cvs history -c -r RELEASE_2006-01-01

but it does not. It lists all commits I have ever made ignoring option "-r" completely.

What's going wrong here? I am running CVS 1.12.9.

Thanks for any help in advance,

Daniel Kabs

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