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Re: CVSROOT not used

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: CVSROOT not used
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 23:35:59 -0700

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Steve Sapovits <address@hidden> writes:

> Mark D. Baushke wrote:
> > What does this command tell you?
> >   cat CVS/Root
> > It should be a copy of your $CVSROOT as specified when you checked
> > out the original tree.
> This is it.  I had started down that path after my last
> post but you gave me better direction.  The issue is that
> I checked out as another user.

It is generally considered prudent to have individual trees for
modification and only use something like another user's tree as
a reference.

If you are able to use the same userid on both the client and server
machines for all of your users, then even the reference tree could be
checked out as 

and let the username on the client be used on the server. Then anyone
who wanted to do a 'diff' would use their own userid on the server to
do the work.

> cvs diff seems to try running using $CVSROOT but against the CVS/Root
> user on the remote server. My rsh permissions were not set right for
> that one.

This is not how it works. 'cvs diff' uses



or, if CVSROOT is :ext:address@hidden/repos/pathname

  $CVS_RSH -l user $CVS_SERVER server

to make the remote connection. The $CVS_RSH program (be it rsh or ssh)
is used to login to as either $USER or the '-l user' specifies
the alternative user to be used.

$CVS_SERVER defaults to 'cvs' and will be found in the $PATH of the
'user' on the remote system.

> To clarify, there are 3 users here:
> (1) A shared user the code was checked out as;
> (2) My user on one system;
> (3) My (different) user on another system.
> I was set up permission-wise to go between my two users but
> not between one of my users and the shared user the code was
> checked out as.  cvs diff appears to run as the CVS/Root user
> at some level.
> What first clued me in here was trying a checkout somewhere
> else.  That worked -- it was only commands like cvs diff that
> run against the checked out code that weren't working.
> My follow-up question here is:  If I 'cvs commit' from that
> same checked out code path, as me and not as the user who
> checked it out, will the check-in be tagged with my user ID?


> Also: All the users in this scenario are in the same UNIX group.

That would only be relevant to directory permissions on the server.

        Good luck,
        -- Mark
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