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WANdisco Announces New High Availability Disaster Recovery Solution for

From: Elaine
Subject: WANdisco Announces New High Availability Disaster Recovery Solution for CVS, Subversion and CVSNT.
Date: 9 May 2006 16:51:22 -0700
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WANdisco Announces New High Availability Disaster Recovery Solution for
CVS, Subversion and CVSNT.

New WANdisco HADR Product Delivers High Availability, Continuous
Real-time Backup, and Automated Disaster Recovery Over a LAN or WAN.

PLEASANTON, Calif.  May 10, 2006 - WANdisco, the world leader in
real-time multi-site development solutions, today announced the release
of WANdisco HADR for high availability and disaster recovery.
WANdisco HADR leverages WANdisco's active-active replication
architecture and self-healing capabilities to provide continuous
real-time backup, while making failover and disaster recovery automatic
and transparent to both users and administrators.  WANdisco HADR is the
only solution that captures everything up to the moment of failure, so
that no data is lost in the event of a network outage or server crash.
In addition, WANdisco HADR restores user access immediately after a
server failure.  No other solution for high availability and disaster
recovery can make these claims.  In addition, WANdisco HADR delivers
these capabilities over a LAN, or a WAN.

WANdisco HADR:

·       Makes recovery fast and seamless. When the primary server comes
back online after an outage, WANdisco HADR will bring the primary
server up-to-date with any new transactions that were committed to the
backup server during the outage.   Recovery happens automatically
without any intervention from an administrator.

·       Makes outages and failover transparent to users as well as
administrators.   With WANdisco HADR, when the primary server fails,
clients are dynamically rerouted to the backup server without
administrator intervention.   When the primary server becomes
available, it's automatically resynchronized with the changes that
were written to the secondary server during the outage.

·       Provides proactive monitoring capabilities that enable IT
organizations to address problems before availability is impacted.

·       Delivers transaction-aware continuous real-time backup capability
to ensure that the primary and backup servers are continuously in sync.

·       Provides optional integration with high capacity tape archiving
solutions to allow source code repositories to be backed up to tape.

No other solution can provide WANdisco HADR's support for high
availability, automated disaster recovery and continuous real-time
backup over a LAN as well as a WAN, without requiring other third party
hardware and software products and additional staff with the skills to
support them.


WANdisco HADR is available now.  WANdisco HADR can be implemented
standalone, or in conjunction with WANdisco's multi-site development
solutions for CVS, Subversion and CVSNT.  WANdisco also provides
support and implementation consulting services for WANdisco HADR, as
well as all of its other products.  For more details go to:

About WANdisco

Since 2001 WANdisco has set out to push the limits of what can be
achieved with distributed systems deployed on a Wide Area Network
(WAN). The result of these efforts is new technology that fundamentally
changes the way distributed nodes, or servers, interact to provide
unprecedented levels of reliability, availability and scalability (RAS)
enabling the internet to realize its full potential.  WANdisco has
applied this technology to the development of its suite of multi-site
SCM solutions for CVS, Subversion and CVSNT.   For the first time a
development team can truly be spread-out across the world and work as
one unit, in real-time.

Global 2000 companies rely on WANdisco's suite of SCM solutions for
CVS,CVSNT and Subversion to enable them to distribute work based on
where their talent is located, rather than on the basis of time-zone
constraints.  This results in dramatically reduced costs and
significantly improved utilization of scarce resources.  For more
information, visit

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