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Re: Execute bit gets hammered on checkout.

From: Frederic Brehm
Subject: Re: Execute bit gets hammered on checkout.
Date: Thu, 04 May 2006 11:16:45 -0400
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In my experience, the following are true:

   If the x bit is set during the initial checkin, then the x bit will be set 
in the repository ,v file.

   If the x bit is set in the repository ,v file, then it will be set on the 
file in the sandbox when it is checked out.

   If you forget to set the x bit during the initial checkin, the only way to 
fix this is to go into the repository and set it on the ,v file. Then go back 
to the sandbox, delete the file, and update.

So, check the repository to see if the x bit is set on the ,v file.


Fisher, Allen wrote:
Hi All--

We've figured out how to resolve our issue with bundles on MacOSX. We
only have one more issue preventing CVS from being completely useful for
installer source. For some reason, the execute bit gets killed on our
application, so when you double-click it, it doesn't run and requires us
to run chmod 755 on the bundle. Is there something I'm doing incorrectly
on checkout or a setting we can change somewhere in CVSROOT that will
allow the x bit to be preserved?


Allen J. Fisher
QA Engineer

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