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Excluding files that get tagged.

From: simmo
Subject: Excluding files that get tagged.
Date: 3 May 2006 03:28:10 -0700
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I have just finished one project and started on another and have become
very bored whilst creating various "End project" tags, "Start project
tags" and branches etc since it takes of the order of 10 minutes to
create each tag. Whilst watching hundreds of filenames scroll up my
screen I began to notice that there were a lot that were very unlikely
to change (Things like swfs and library jars etc). I guess you could
ask why they are under source control in the first place - but they are
and they won't be moving anywhere soon. So what I want to know is, does
anyone know of anyway to exclude certain files / directories from the
tag command. Because of the way the system is built etc I need to have
everything checked out, I just don't want to sit around whilst
everything is tagged.

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