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Re: Continuous Integration and CVS

From: benrady
Subject: Re: Continuous Integration and CVS
Date: 26 Apr 2006 11:51:44 -0700
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> I sometimes wonder whether my style of working would screw this up :=)
> When I check in changes, sometimes I separate the commits into several
> commits, based on the specific changes made (all changes are usually
> related in some way). If the automated system kicked in after the first
> commit, the build may fail. Do you include some kind of delay to see if
> there's another checkin within, say, two minutes of the first?


In practice, the interval for the automated build is usually set at an
hour or so, and you rarely wait for it to start the build after a
commit...usually you just browse to the machine and kick it off
manually because you want to make sure your build is really sucessful
(not just on your machine, but for everyone) before you start working
on something else. So if you want to make a few small commits, you
usually have plenty of time.

The automated change detection is really just there as a failsafe, in
case you forget to kick off the build, or in case someone checks
something in by accident. 

And thanks for the reply.


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