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cvs tag -F "production" not untagging missing/dead files

From: Stefan Bertels
Subject: cvs tag -F "production" not untagging missing/dead files
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 16:57:40 +0200


I found some old discussion regarding this topic:

"Why does CVS treat removed files so specially?"

I just have the same problem: I want to have some "live" or "productive" tag that marks the latest testet version of my files. The idea is that I use automated tools to update/export using the "live" tag and publishing that version. Of course I may tag versions the normal way (e.g. unique tags like "milestone_1") but I also want to use some "moving" tag. The problem is that I can move existing tags using the "-F" switch but files which got removed in the meantime will still have their tag on some older version. I think "cvs tag -F" on a directory should remove all tags on files which are no more (dead).

I use both "CVSNT" (Win) and "cvs" (Unix). Any hints?

Best regards

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