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Checking in Application Packages/Bundles on Mac

From: Fisher, Allen
Subject: Checking in Application Packages/Bundles on Mac
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 12:59:19 -0500

Hi All--

I'm new to CVS and was wondering how Mac folks were accomplishing the
above. We are in the process of putting our installer source files under
source control using CVS. Our source files include an application bundle
(which includes nibs...), and 60+ plug-in bundles, as well as dozens of
other binary and text files. Our binary and text files are going in and
out just fine, it's the bundles that are the problem:

1. Updating a plug-in bundle (our bundles come from outside the company,
so they have to be put in by hand) wipes out the CVS folders inside of
it, forcing it to be re-added. 
2. The bundles get messed up and either the bundle bit doesn't get set,
or the custom icon gets lost, or a host of other problems related to it

I've been searching the web and the apple mailing lists and have seen
references to adding bundles to the cvswrappers file, but that doesn't
seem to solve it. I've also seen references to tarballing bundles, and
that this is no longer necessary, but no clear concrete answers to how
to solve it.

I guess I have two questions:

1. is there a way to tell CVS to run a preflight checkin or postflight
checkout script to unarchive tarball/.zip files?
2. Or is there a way to say to CVS that this file is a bundle, a single

Any help that anyone can give is very appreciated. I've been struggling
for a couple of days getting this up and running.

Allen J. Fisher
QA Engineer

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