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RE: How to add/commit a directory after the files therein are already ad

From: Ming Kin Lai
Subject: RE: How to add/commit a directory after the files therein are already added/commited
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 16:31:29 -0700

I would guess that no files under doc/ got tagged with v3_0_6.
You are right.  When I checked out v3_0_5, doc is there.

Sorry, I misunderstood.  If you're talking about version3, then Manual.tex
_is_ on that branch; if you're talking about v3_0_6, it's a non-branch tag.
Does a "cvs up -dr version3" give you a doc/ directory?  If so, just tag it
with v3_0_6 and you should see your files when you check the project out.
% cvs up -dr MESS3
cvs update: Updating doc
cvs update: move away doc/ChangeLog; it is in the way
C doc/ChangeLog
cvs update: move away doc/CodingStyle.txt; it is in the way
C doc/CodingStyle.txt
cvs update: move away doc/Makefile; it is in the way
C doc/Makefile
cvs update: move away doc/Manual.tex; it is in the way
C doc/Manual.tex
cvs update: move away doc/tutorial.doc; it is in the way
C doc/tutorial.doc
% cd doc
% cvs status -v Manual.tex
cvs status: move away Manual.tex; it is in the way
File: Manual.tex        Status: Unresolved Conflict

  Working revision:    No entry for Manual.tex
Repository revision: /home/messengr/cvs/myproj/doc/Attic/Manual.tex,v

  Existing Tags:
       v3_0_5                          (revision:
       v3_0_4                          (revision:
       MESS3                           (branch: 1.1.2)

Now what should I do? How do I "move away" files in doc? And how do i resolve the conflicts in those files? What i open those files, I do not see any conflicts indicated in the files. I cannot tag those files unless I resolve the conflicts first.

And I do not have ~/.cvsrc.

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