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Re: cvsignore

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: cvsignore
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 13:11:23 -0500
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Greg Sidelinger wrote:
Is there a good way to tell the CVS server to never add some directories
to the repository?  I have a few dirs that get created during the build
process and should never be committed back but some devs with their IDEs
can't seem to pay attention to what they do.  I looked into cvsignore but
I was still able to add the dirs and files if I actually did a cvs add.

I also looked into adding the dirs to CVSROOT/commitinfo scripts and have
them return false but that causes the entire commit to fail if someone
tries to add the directories.  I'm looking for a good way to softly reject
just some directories but allow the rest of the commit to go through. The
other possibility that I could think of was to create dirs in the
repository but just remove all write access to they can never be updated
which does allow the rest of the commit to go though but I'm not a fan of
this route. I’m personally a fan the commitinfo approach and just
rejecting the entire commit but some of the developers don’t like this

So is there some clever way of softly rejecting come parts of a commit
that I have over looked.


Sorry, but it looks like you have come up with the best way, i.e., "create dirs in the repository but just remove all write access".

...unless you feel like implementing a patch to cvs so that it does not create the directory until the user does `cvs commit`. see the highlights of the previous two threads on this...

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