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Re: Needs CVS email notification help !

From: DeAnna_nguyen
Subject: Re: Needs CVS email notification help !
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 18:30:42 +0000


"projects some_script
  projects/drivers some_other_script "

You are right. My first script is executing fine.

projects some_script is working, but projects/drivers some_other_script is not 
working. Mean its nerver executed. I run this script by hand its work, but not
in cvs trigger.

Thus to me in loginfo its look for module. Since projects is a module and 
projects/drivers is not, thus if I turn it around like:

"projects/drivers some_other_script
projects some_script" 

then its would not work either.

Anyway, thank you for your time. I just need to understand more on module in 


PS: I wonder, can some one do a test on their Repository with
directory structure instead of Modules. To see does it work?
I am out of idea.

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From: Jim Hyslop <address@hidden>
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> address@hidden wrote:
> > Jim,
> > 
> > That what I did before I send my email to the list.
> > I don't know what i did wrong. I never get a email trigger
> > send back to me. I tail -f the maillog on cvs server and looking for email
> > notify send out, but no luck.
> OK, we need to narrow down the problem - is the script executing and
> failing to send the mail, or is the script not executing at all?
> Check to see if your $tempfile gets created (by the way, you will have
> problems if two people trigger the script simultaneously - make sure the
> script generates a unique file name each time it runs). If it isn't
> created, then the script isn't running. One possibility for that might
> be a previous line in loginfo which matches the regex - remember that
> CVS will stop at the first match that it finds. For example, if you have:
> projects some_script
> projects/drivers some_other_script
> then the second script will never get executed.
> If the script is firing, but not sending the email, I'll have to let
> someone else take over, since I'm not an expert at UNIX shell programming.
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