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Re: PATCH: Support :ssh: method in CVS/Repository - How common

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: PATCH: Support :ssh: method in CVS/Repository - How common
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2006 11:56:48 -0800

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Bryce Nesbitt <address@hidden> writes:

> Mark D. Baushke wrote:
> > Hmmm... Is this is the IntelliJ IDEA product from
> > If so, I believe you can
> > specify :ext: and name an external 'rsh' program
> > where you could provide a path to an ssh
> > executable and then you would not have a problem.
> Yes, JetBrains.
> I spent hours, tried every varant of that, and
> had 4-5 exchanges with JetBrains support.

A pity you were not able to get them to help you.
I still suggest you poing them at this thread to
see if THEY will change.

> Frankly, it would have been a lot faster to
> patch the cvs sources right from the start ;-).

That is your choice, of course.

> > For myself, what little Java I might hack
> > these days is done using GNU Emacs. I would be
> > more likely to use an open source IDE that
> > runs on an open source operating system in any
> > case.

> IDEA does a lot more for me than GNU Emacs can.
> And IDEA runs on Linux, and is very Java-centric
> (which, when you need to be Java-land, is a good
> thing).
> Open source means freedom. And I happen to
> choose to use that freedom into order to run a
> closed-source IDE on an open-source OS. Please
> don't question that choice.

I was not questioning your choice -- I was stating
my personal preference to use open source
development environments and to encourage their

As I understand it, the majority if Java hacking
seems to be done on a closed source operating
system (Windows) these days. I try to avoid that
operating system myself where possible. However,
CVS does compile and run on it for all that CVSNT
has a larger market share on that system. So, some
accommodation is made to closed source projects

> > However, I suggest that you name the company in
> > public so that other customers can find out they
> > do not play well with the open source community
> > and/or point them at this current discussion
> > thread:
> I see no reason to imply any insult the
> developers of IDEA.

No insult was intended. If more customers presure
them as you have done, they may make their product
more friendly to open source projects.

> All I can say is that Savanah CVS and JetBrains
> IDEA don't play well together, and the issue
> comes down to a single string (":ssh:"). I
> proposed a change to IDEA, but was shot down. I
> now am proposing to solve the issue at the
> Savanah CVS end.

Nothing needs to change on Savannah. The transport
is chosen by the client and the server never sees
the method strings, or you would have had problems
with your patch to your CVS client.

> I think the change also has some potential to
> make the rsh/ssh situation a bit more clear for
> novice users.

I do not see that clarity is added in telling them
that all of the following method are exactly the
same depending on their CVS/CVSNT client:


CVSNT also supports a :rsh: method. I have no
intention of letting that one EVER into the CVS

The intent is to stomp out the use of 'rsh' as a
transport. The world is a far more hostile place
than was true when rsh was originally created.

I have wasted enough time on this topic.

        Good luck,
        -- Mark
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