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How to find the changes related to a check in?

From: yozhang
Subject: How to find the changes related to a check in?
Date: 31 Oct 2005 18:26:00 -0800
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Is there a way to do the following:

At release_1_0, three users check out the source codes, and make
changes on them. They all checked in their changes. Is there a easy way
to find who has changed what after some time later?

We currently first:

Create Branch and Check-in:

      $ cvs tag -b SCRxxx_add_new_feature file1.c file2.c
      $ cvs commit -m"add new feature because of buyer request" \
        -r SCRxxx_add_new_feature file1.c file2.c

then at code release time (maybe every two weeks):

a special person will merger these branch changes into the trunk.

We do this is because we need to track the changes related to a special
problem (SCR). But the branch change merge is not a easy job. If there
are 100 branch changes, you need to merge 100 times.

Is there a easy way to track the changes?



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