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Updating files that were deleted

From: Jacob Weber
Subject: Updating files that were deleted
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 12:17:23 -0400

CVS gurus,

Here's another in my continuing series of weird CVS problems. I have a
project ("proj") with two branches, DEV and QA. Let's say I do the following
- Add file "proj/dir/file" to branch DEV
- Add the same file to branch QA
- Remove the file from DEV
- Remove the file from QA
- Add the file back to DEV

Now I want to add it back to QA. I don't want do it manually, since this
will eventually end up in a script; I want to use CVS's merge capabilities.
First I check out the QA branch:
  $ cvs checkout -r QA proj

Next I try to grab the file from the DEV branch, using two -j arguments to
merge it. The directory "dir" doesn't yet exist in QA, so if I try to an
update, it will fail:
  $ cvs update -d -j QA -j DEV proj/dir/file
  cvs [update aborted]: no such directory `proj/dir'

No problem; I just have to a checkout instead:
  $ cvs checkout -j QA -j DEV proj/dir/file
  U proj/dir/file
  cvs checkout: file proj/dir/file exists,
    but has been added in revision DEV

Looks good, but when I look at the status, I notice that it doesn't have the
sticky tag for QA. So if I were to try to commit it, it would give me a
not-up-to-date error. It seems that you need to give it an -r argument for
the sticky tag to appear. Let's try it:
  $ cvs checkout -r QA -j DEV proj/dir/file
  cvs checkout: warning: proj/dir/file is not (any longer) pertinent
  cvs checkout: file proj/dir/file does not exist,
  but is present in revision DEV

And it doesn't get the file. This only seems to happen after the sequence of
steps at the top. If anybody has had the patience to read this far, I thank
you. And if you know how I can get this file to reappear in QA with the
sticky tag, I would be amazed.


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