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Re: How to limit file revisions

From: Maicon Stihler
Subject: Re: How to limit file revisions
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 08:50:11 -0200

Em Ter, 2005-10-25 às 18:44 -0400, Jim Hyslop escreveu:
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> All"]
> Maicon Stihler wrote:
> > Em Ter, 2005-10-25 às 15:07 -0400, Jim Hyslop escreveu:
> >>Maicon Stihler wrote:
> >>
> >>>Hi, 
> >>>
> >>>I'm having some troubles with files that get too large after a certain
> >>>time. What I would like to do is to erase past revisions and to keep
> >>>only a small number of revisions. I know that there is the admin -o
> >>>command, but Im not too sure how do I use it. I tried using 'cvs log
> >>>somefile' to see how many revisions the given file has, but I get this
> >>>error: CVS/Entries not found (or something alike, I dont remember the
> >>>right spelling) I found that logging is not enabled on cvs's config
> >>>file.
> >>
> >>Exact error messages usually help.
> >>
> > 
> > errr... sorry
> > 
> > cvs log: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or directory
> > cvs log: nothing known about somefile
> > 
> > 
> >>The fact that it could not find CVS/Entries suggests that you have not
> >>checked out a working copy of the file. You can use 'cvs rlog' instead.
> > 
> > 
> > I'm a cvs new and Im unaware of much of its terminology. Im working
> > directly on the server. I'll go read the man about rlog.
> Never work directly on the server. Before you read about rlog, study at
> least the first three sections of the manual, and get a quick
> familiarization with the most common commands (Appendix A). The manual
> can be found here:
> >>"too large" for what? Are you running out of disk space? Suffering
> >>performance problems?
> > 
> > The problems seems to be related with some binary files. The CVS server
> > is being used by a Windows programers so there is lots of binary files.
> I missed a step here. What is the connection between 'Windows
> programmers' and 'storing lots of binary files in CVS'? The two concepts
> are, in my experience, unrelated.
I should be more specific about what they are doing. They are working
with somekind of RAD application that creates a bunch of binary files
on its own. 

> > After a certain amount of time, these files get very huge, up to 1 GB.
> What types of binary files are you storing - are they files that get
> generated by your build process, or something else? Generally, you only
> want to store files that are human-generated, such as source files,
> images, and so on.
It seems that they are generated by the RAD tool they're using and that
lots of changes go into these files. 

> > The CVS server manager told me that these files are creating problems,
> > although he doesnt told me what kind of problems. He only asked me
> > to find a way to keep the amount of file revisions small.
> If you must store binary files, then CVS may not be your best bet. It
> works best with text-based files.
Im aware of it, what would be a good replacement to work with binary

Thank you

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