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AW: Removing tags from removed versions

From: Frank Henry
Subject: AW: Removing tags from removed versions
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 11:46:54 +0200

> Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:
> Hello Frank,
> * On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 01:45:52PM +0200 Frank Henry wrote:
> > Is there anyway to fix this, preferably with a cvs-command / 
> > cvs-commands?
> (untested) Did you try 
>   cvs rtag -d <tagname> <file>

> Mark E. Hamilton wrote:
> If the file existed in the repository when the tag was 
> created, and was removed after that, then what you are seeing 
> seems like the correct behavior (to me, anyway.)  The state 
> of your repository at tag 'X' 
> included those files; at tag 'X+n' they didn't. In general, 
> you should never remove tags (unless they were incorrectly 
> applied) since they're supposed to reflect the state of your 
> repository at the time they are applied.
> It's also unwise to re-use tags in the way you've described. 
> One presumes, for instance, that you would over the lifetime 
> of your project have many 'good_version' states; how would 
> you get last week's 'good_version' if you needed it?
> However, if you really want to reuse the tags then Spiro's 
> suggestion should remove the tag from the specified file. To 
> get all files in the repository you would use:
>    cvs rtag -d <tagname> .
> or to get all files in a specific top-level module you would use:
>    cvs rtag -d <tagname> <modulename>

Hi & thanks for both of your answers.

The problem is that the tagged version is no longer available because it
has been removed.
File_1_0 tagged with 'good_version' then removed & new file File_1_1
created and added.

If I were to update with -APCd I would get the new version. Cool.
If I update with -r good_version I would get File_1_0 (which might be
what I wanted).
A big problem is that if I also tagged file File_1_1 with 'good_version'
I would get File_1_0 AND File_1_1.
Not so good.

I have tried to call File_1_0 directly and it says 'cannot find module'
Ok so then I updated it via -r good_version (which recreates File_1_0)
and tried it again.
Unfortunetly same results.

I'd also be happy if I could control if the File_1_0 were updated or

Problem is, we are forced to have the version numbers in the file names.
(we make mobile games)
So every time we make a new version, the old version is deleated and a
new one added.
Now that the feature where you can get a deleated version is ok, I am
looking for a way to remove tags from older versions.
Since an up
If this is not possible, I will find a way to compensate.

Thanks again for all your help!


Stephan Frank Henry

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