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import fail to put code to the repository

From: PoWah Wong
Subject: import fail to put code to the repository
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 15:05:05 -0400 (EDT)

I want to add some codes from another directory to the
automation repository.

$cd /home/admin/automation/qaautotest/remote/V3.0
$cp -rf /root/qaautotest10.24.05/remote/V3.0/* .

$cvs import -m "Import of V3.0" automation remote

cvs server: Importing /var/cvsroot/automation/V3.0
N automation/V3.0/README.txt
N automation/V3.0/tclsh.lnk
cvs server: Importing /var/cvsroot/automation/V3.0/lib
N automation/V3.0/lib/ftpd.tcl
N automation/V3.0/lib/system.tcl
N automation/V3.0/lib/main.tcl
cvs server: Importing
N automation/V3.0/lib/docs/remote.txt
cvs server: Importing
N automation/V3.0/docs/remote.ftp.Cd
N automation/V3.0/docs/remote.ftp.RecordData
N automation/V3.0/docs/remote.ftp.Get
N automation/V3.0/docs/remote.ftp.Put
cvs server: Importing
N automation/V3.0/temp/
cvs server: Importing
N automation/V3.0/configs/default.cfg
N automation/V3.0/configs/default.cfg.readme.txt
cvs server: Importing
N automation/V3.0/packages/init.tcl
cvs server: Importing
N automation/V3.0/scripts/remote.tcl

cvs server: Importing
N automation/V3.0/chariot/listener.tcl

No conflicts created by this import

$cd ..

$ cvs commit -m "Import of V3.0"  .
cvs commit: Examining .
cvs commit: Examining autoIt
cvs commit: Examining chariot
cvs commit: Examining configs
cvs commit: Examining docs
cvs commit: Examining lib
cvs commit: Examining lib/docs
cvs commit: Examining packages
cvs commit: Examining scripts
cvs commit: Examining temp Connection refused
cvs [commit aborted]: end of file from server (consult
above messages if any)

Check that my import operation is ok.
$ cd /home/admin/
$ mkdir t
$ cd t
$ cvs co automation

I do not see the imported files in the current


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