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Re: changing trunk commit to branch

From: Russ Sherk
Subject: Re: changing trunk commit to branch
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 13:23:24 -0400

On 10/24/05, Jason Viers <address@hidden> wrote:
We have a situation that I'm sure has come up before for other people,
so I wanted to get others' thoughts on it.

We use the trunk for simple tweaks and branches for any fix/feature that
would take multiple commits.  A developer committed a change to the
trunk, and then decided that there should be other stuff to go along
with it and it should be a branch instead.

So, the question:  is there an easy way to make a branch and take a
commit on the trunk and "move" it to a branch?  I know we could use "cvs
diff" to make a patch for it, "admin -o" to remove it from trunk, make
the branch, then re-apply the diff to the branch, but I was wondering of
anyone else had other thoughts on it.

The other lazy way out would to be simply to branch off of the new
commit (leaving it in the trunk), but since the commit involves the
logic of the branch, we'd like to have the commit actually be on the
branch for cleanliness' sake.

If it the 'fix' is dependant on other logic (other fixes), then it should be backed out ASAP (read: before anyone else commits over top of it.  Or at least not too many commits are done.)  Create your branch, fix and test and merge back when you are ready.



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