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From: bill pursell
Subject: RCS->$CVSROOT/foo
Date: 23 Oct 2005 23:24:44 -0700
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I've recently been linking RCS to the CVS directory containing the rcs
files in my working directory in order to simplify the usage of a
vimscript that displays the differences between the current file and a
previous revision, eg:
% ln -s $(cat CVS/Root)/$(basename $(pwd)) RCS
This is working well, and allows make to access the RCS files directly
as well (does make know how to find rcs files from a CVS working

I started thinking; if for a given working directory, I can guarantee
that I am the only developer working on the files, will it be safe to
just use rcs directly?  In other words, if I modify files and use ci -l
like usual, and then remove the locks when I'm done (or maybe just set
locking to non-strict and use ci -u), will there be any undesirable
administrative effects on the CVS repository?  If I choose the second
option of making the files have non-strict locking, will I have to make
them strict again before I can allow other developers access to the cvs

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