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RE: Can't add new modules

From: Martell, Larry
Subject: RE: Can't add new modules
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 14:35:35 -0600

On Fri 10/21/2005 2:26 PM Jim Hyslop wrote:
>Martell, Larry wrote:
>> Hello all-
>> We have a CVS server (1.11.17 running on Mandrake Linux 10.1) that was
>> set up over a year ago by someone who no longer works here. For the past
>> year we have only used Tortoise CVS from windows as the client and we have
>> had no problems whatsoever. Today I wanted to add some new modules from
>> a Linux client. But when I issue the add command it fails:
>> $ cvs add casper.c
>> address@hidden's password:
>> cvs add: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or directory
>> cvs [add aborted]: no repository
>> My CVSROOT is set as follows:
>> $ echo $CVSROOT
>> :ext:address@hidden:/home/ata/src/
>> On the server machine (source), I have the following dir structure:
>> $ pwd
>> /home/ata/src
>> $ ls
>> aIRU/  CVS/  CVSROOT/  large_file
>> $ ls -l CVS
>> total 8
>> -rw-r--r--  1 ata cvs 41 Sep 27 14:32 Entries
>> -rw-rw-r--  1 ata cvs 61 Sep 23 15:31 fileattr
> There should not be an Entries file in the repository. It appears that
> you may be trying to use the repository as your local working directory.
> Never do that.

I have never entered any CVS commands on the server machine (other
then the 1 attempt to add a file today).
But if there's not supposed to be an Entries file, then why does it
complain about there not being one (when there is one)?

> Check out a working copy into your home directory, and issue all CVS
> commands from within that working directory.

I want to add a new file - are you saying I need to check something out
before I can do that? What would I check out?


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