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CVS history query

From: Jason Brown
Subject: CVS history query
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 18:10:27 -0600
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Greetings all, been lurking for several months trying to get up to speed 
beyond reading the manuals, but have a question regarding an incident that 
recently occurred...

Is there any way in CVS to get a "working copy history"...e.g. some 
compilation or options that can be tweaked to view what commands people have 
ran from a checked out copy?  

We have a system where a file appears to have been rolled back to a previous 
version (1.33 of 1.46) sometime in the past day--but bash history, and 
searching for local backup copies (.#foo.file) reveals no evidence of any 
commands (or even file modifications on this it is just a testbed 
where files are checked out and ran) other than a boring "cvs update" and the 
recent creation of a tag "cvs tag stable_2005_10_20"

Whatever happened did most certainly set the file in question to sticky, as it 
required resetting the tags (cvs update -A filename) to get an update on it 
to take.  

Any theories...or ideally someone telling me there's some way configure CVS to 
track or log working copy history would be appreciated.


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