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Best practices for initial import and versioning

From: Wirun, Corey
Subject: Best practices for initial import and versioning
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 18:14:44 -0400

Hi All,

I have a question for you on the best practices way to set up the initial import of a module and how branching/merging 'should' be done with respect to a release.  Please bear with me as I describe what I do:

I initially import a source tree using wincvs. I set a Vendor and Release tag.  Again using wincvs, I checkout the module using the vendor branch.  Looking at a single file, I see a 1.1 revision and the vendor branch off it with a release tag.  Under the vendor branch, I have an initial revision of my file.  All my revisions are now local.  I make my edits and I commit the changes.  I now have revisions of the files.  Say this is the candidate for a release.

I want to now merge to the main trunk and lay down a RELEASE tag.  The problem/question is should I merge to new revisions under the 1.1 revision?  This is where I need some guidance.  Should I merge the branch files to ultimately get a revision 1.2 that I can tag with a RELEASE label?

After the edits on the (vendor) branch, I updated the local files based on the '1.1' revision (cvs update -P -d -r 1.1).  I couldn't think of any other way to get the trunk files...?    So how should the merge be done from my branch to the trunk?  I thought I might want to get a series of 1.2 revisions, which I would then lay down a new RELEASE label, but is this reasonable?  Every time I release, should/can it be from trunk revisions?  What do other people do?

I'm concerned because of the way I brought down the main trunk revisions.  '1.1' shows as not only the revision, but the sticky tag, which can't be good for the merge.

Thanks for any advice!!

Corey MJ Wirun
home office:
403 720-3699 fax: 403 720-3699 (shared line, voice call ahead!)
"Anything will fly with 10KLbs of thrust.   Landing?   That's a different story." - power does not mean capability.


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