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Re: Branches and versioning.

From: Chris Hulbert
Subject: Re: Branches and versioning.
Date: 18 Oct 2005 10:23:08 -0700
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Larry Jones wrote:
> address@hidden writes:
> >
> > I know cvs recommends to ignore the versions of files and use tags, but
> > why is this so hard?  Here's an example that creates a new repository,
> > adds a file o the trunk.  Creates 2 branches 1.1.2 and 1.1.4.  I update
> > to 1.1.4 and add a file.  Why can't the version start with
> > instead of
> Because tags and branches are *per file* -- there's no global
> information about them -- and your new file doesn't have any branches,
> so how is CVS supposed to know you want to use 1.1.4?!?  The revision
> numbers are for CVS's internal use in organizing the files -- they are
> not for your use.
> -Larry Jones
> Oh, now don't YOU start on me. -- Calvin

Ok, I created a branch tag test-1-1-4 which cvs associates with branch
1.1.4 right?

So, when I add a new file, CVS tells me it is adding it on test-1-1-4,
so obviously it knows I want to add it there.  To me that would mean
branch 1.1.4.  Obviously I don't understand cvs.

cvs add: scheduling file `file3' for addition on branch `test-1-1-4'

Yes, I know the revision numbers are for CVS internal use, but I think
it'd be nice if it were for both CVS and me.  Anyways, thanks for the
info and sorry for wasting bandwidth on a question asked so much.


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