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import best practice question

From: Bob Fyfe
Subject: import best practice question
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 09:40:30 -0400

In one of the projects here we received vendor code that locally, has been heavily modified as well as new files added. As part of the original files received ( a compressed tar ball) there are files that are java source files, xml files, jar files, image files, etc. Typical stuff I gather. I know that typically you would not import binaries (certainly not binaries that are a result of a build) but what about jar files and image files that come with vendor code? In the case of this vendor, we receive source and class files. I am inclined to get rid of the class files and create a build script. What I don't know about is version controlling jar files, image files, etc.

How do you keep track of these types of files?

On future releases of the vendor code, I can imagine these files changing (libraries, images, etc.). What happens on a future import and a subsequent merge? It can't really merge binaries...!

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