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Re: trying to add a perl script file

From: Keith Thompson
Subject: Re: trying to add a perl script file
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 01:43:28 GMT
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"DHARNA, AJAY [AG/1000]" <address@hidden> writes:
> I have a perl script file that contains the following code:
>     name    => \$appender_name,
>                 level   => \$Log::Log4perl::Level::L4P_TO_LD{\$level},   
>                 message => \$message,
> When I do an add selection on this file, CVS converts this code to become
> this:
>           name    => \$appender_name,
>                 level   => \$Log:,v $
>                 level   => \Revision 1.3  2005/10/04 20:15:21  ardharn
>                 level   => \no message
>                 level   => \level},   
>                 message => \$message,
> Is there any way of adding this file as it is to the CVS repository without
> it doing this.

Mark D. Baushke has explained how to suppress keyword expansion for a
file using "-ko", but that's a problem if you want to have keywords
expanded at, say, the top of the file.  You can usually tweak the Perl
code so it doesn't look like a CVS keyword.  In this case, you can try
# $Id:$
# $Source:$

    name    => \$appender_name,
    level   => \$Log
    message => \$message,

The Id and Source keywords are expanded; Log is not because the
trailing '$' is on the next line.

I often run into a similar problem with Perl code like this:

    open FILE, $file or die "$file: $!\n";

There's no keyword to expand, but the "ident" command (part of RCS,
not CVS) picks up the "$file: $".  I avoid this by changing it to:

    open FILE, $file or die "${file}: $!\n";

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