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RE: CVS/ssh hang, FreeBSD server, Windows client, 1.11.17

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: CVS/ssh hang, FreeBSD server, Windows client, 1.11.17
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 01:45:47 -0700

> From: Doug Lee [mailto:address@hidden
> > > I run a CVS 1.11.17 serveron FreeBSD and a CVS 1.11.17 client under
> > > various Windows versions.  I use Cygwin ssh for the transport.
> > > 
> > > On a Win98 machine, commands execute but hang after completing their
> > > work.  Example:  `cvs status proj.c' will print all it should but not
> > > return to a prompt until I type Ctrl+C.  This is consistent across all
> > > commands.  Typing Ctrl+C is not my favorite thing to do to CVS. :-)
> > > 
> > > `cvs -t ...' shows the hang always occurs in (or after)
> > > Lock_Cleanup().  There are no lock files I can see hanging around on
> > > the server, and CVS commands from other places (local and remote, ssh
> > > and non-ssh) work fine.  The Win98 machine's Cygwin ssh client appears
> > > to work also, including returning to its caller when terminating.  I
> > > tested this both with an interactive ssh shell and by running `ls'
> > > using the same syntax shown by `cvs -t' (namely, `cvs <addr> ls').
> > > 
> > > Any ideas?
> > 
> > Try any level of compression:
> > 
> >     cvs -z1 version
> > 
> > If that works consider using creating a ".cvsrc" file.
> That does work.
> Why?!

I can't say why.  I observed and reported the problem but it's been long
enough that I no longer remember the surrounding specifics.

> Thanks much though...
> Is this a CVS problem, an ssh problem, a phase-of-the-moon problem, or
> what?  It only seems to affect my Win98 box...

CVS depends on other projects for major components.  We maintain source
in the "diff", "lib" and "zlib" directories by importing it from other
projects.  I'm unclear on where it all comes from.

I can say it's definately not an ssh problem.  The same issue affects
:pserver: access.  I can say it's not Win9x specific.  The same issue
affects Windows 2000.  IMO the issue doesn't affect UNIX just Windows.
The project's Windows support could be better and any help is welcome.

The situation on stable branch evolves.  If you upgrade remember:
Derek and I are working on getting feature branch working with :ext:
and :local: access once again which broke on Windows in February.  I
support the Windows build but don't really understand CVS internals
so Windows progress slows when my coaches and/or I get busy.

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