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Re: Cvs Attic Problem

From: fritz-bayer
Subject: Re: Cvs Attic Problem
Date: 1 Oct 2005 00:47:31 -0700
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Well actually I found out, that it's not the files in the Attic I'm
getting on the other machine but files, which are actually in the

The strange thing is that I deleted them on the file system, then
removed them with the cvs command and commited the change a long time
ago. I was a major change so I remember.

So they should be in the Attic but are not. But why did they never pop
up, when I was updating my project or checking it out on the machine,
where the repository resides on?

Just on the second remote pc they appear. I now deleted, removed and
commited them again and now they are in the Attic. However, I would
still like to know why my checkout gives me different results on
differen machines (I checked it several times)?

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