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RE: CVS vs Visual SourceSafe

From: Bittner,Peter
Subject: RE: CVS vs Visual SourceSafe
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 09:50:24 +0200


I think there is not much decide about SourceSafe yes or no.
MS SourceSafe is old, not maintained by Microsoft any more (they are
about to develop a replacement as far as I have heard), the use locking
instead of concurrency, etc. etc.

No, really, you'd better decide between:

- CVS  (
- CVSNT  ( -
- Subversion  (

You should ask yourself:

- Do I want several developers to be able to work on the same sources at
the same time? (all of them do this, MSSS does not)

-  Do I want to be able to do check-in/check-out over HTTP/HTTPS? (I
think, for this Subversion would be the best choice)

- Do I want my developers to have clients available on any platform? (I
would say then the ranking might be somewhat like: 1. CVSNT/CVS, 2.
Subversion, 3. MSSS)

(Note: CVSNT is _not_ for Windows NT only, more than that it is a
somewhat more advanced CVS system, available on almost all platforms, as
is CVS.)

Best regards,

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Subject: CVS vs Visual SourceSafe

Help me!~~ Help me!~ I need you guys advice.

I have to make a decision between CVS and Visual SourceSafe..

What are advantages and disadvantages over each other program??

And which one is better for stability?

(It doesn't matter free or not.)

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