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Re: Binary release announcements?

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Binary release announcements?
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 15:51:20 -0500
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Greg A. Woods wrote:

>That will only be true in the most trivial of cases.  With something
>even slightly complex, such as CVS, successful operation depends a great
>deal on many of the steps that come after a proper compilation and
>linking of the original source code.

I've had pretty good luck using distributed binary RPMs for a lot of
open source software packages than don't necessarily come from RedHat.
Despite liking the ability to compile my own packages when I need to
hack them, I prefer saving myself the time when a binary is available.

>There's also still the whole issue of trust.  As I understand it the
>folks producing the source release don't also produce all of the
>binaries, and I'm not sure how much they trust those who do produce the
>binaries, nor if they've ever declared the level of their trust.  At
>least with the source you can read it and you can compare it with
>previous versions that you've come to trust (especially in this case
>where you can use the tool in question to do those comparisons).

Larry Jones and I actually end up providing most of the binaries we do
provide.  You can read the THANKS & README files on the FTP
site if you are curious about the source of binaries.  I generally do
post other binaries when they are contributed, but they've really only
been coming from one other source recently, and that is Conrad Pino with
the Solaris i386 & Windows binaries, and I think we probably would have
heard by now if he'd been sending us Trojan horses, unless he is
particularly devious.  :)


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