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RE: Copying parts of a repository, excluding revisions post-TAGNAME...

From: Leander Hasty
Subject: RE: Copying parts of a repository, excluding revisions post-TAGNAME...
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 14:48:48 -0800

> From: Greg A. Woods [mailto:address@hidden 
> Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2003 1:17 PM

> > However, we're not entitled to any of their source on this 
> > project past a certain release, which is tagged in their 
> > repository.

> Are you proposing that they do this to a copy of their 
> repository before they provide you with that copy?

Yes, that was the idea.

>       "man 1 rlog"
>       "man 1 rcs"


> If there are no branches then it's trivial (well other than the minor
> complication that there's no way to say "after" or "not" in the way
> ranges are specified to RCS commands):

> [...]

Hmm.  This does avoid having to accumulate the tags post-TAGNAME to pass
to "cvs tag -d".  "cvs admin -oTAGNAME::" dies on discovering any tags
for later revisions.  It probably makes sense to make sure the dangling
tags are deleted (or redirected to head, or something else safe).

I've passed along an inquiry about whether the cvs tree contains any
branches post-TAGNAME to the other company.  If they do, it seems I will
probably have to script something slightly more sophisticated, along the
lines of what Mark D. Baushke suggested.

Thanks again to everyone who has provided feedback.  I'm going to go
dive into "man 1 rcs" a bit more.

Leander Hasty  

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